Quality Assurance

You’ll enjoy the flexibility to create your own academic pathway from a wide range of elective courses, designed to contextualise your studies.

What we would expect from you

OBPUK is committed to delivering exceptional educational experiences to our students. We uphold rigorous academic standards for teaching and learning in all our programs, ensuring a high-quality educational environment. This commitment is reinforced by our comprehensive quality assurance policies and procedures.

Our quality assurance practices include annual external evaluations to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to standards. We also conduct verification of assessment samples to maintain the integrity of our assessment processes. Additionally, we require our centres to have local recognition, further enhancing the credibility and reputation of our programs.

Quality Assurance

  • Adherence to Ethical Standards: All centres are expected to adhere to OBPUK’s code of ethical conduct in conducting their business operations.
  • Support for Centre Objectives: Centre management is expected to align with and support the objectives, policies, and procedures set by OBPUK regarding the qualification.
  • Adequate Resources: Centres are required to have reasonable systems and sufficient resources in place to effectively deliver OBPUK programs.
  • Delivery, Assessment and Support Processes: Centres must ensure the availability of robust processes for program delivery, assessment, and learner support to maintain the quality and effectiveness of OBPUK programs.