Frequently Asked Questions

How can I complete my Masters Degree from Organisation of Business Professionals (OBP) partner University?

Once the candidate complete their OBP Postgraduate Diploma , they will have a choice to enrol for a Masters qualification either directly from our partner university or through specific OBP affiliated centres offering a progression route leading to Masters qualification.

How much does Organisation of Business Professionals (OBP) Postgraduate Diploma cost?

We advise all our potential candidates to contact their local OBP affiliated centre for detailed fee structure including OBP registration and Centre tuition fee, as this could vary in different countries.

Can I get any exemptions?

Students studying towards an OBP qualifications can gain possible exemptions on certain modules of their course on the basis of their previous qualifications and/or relevant work experience. Although OBP recognises many worldwide qualifications, each request for exemptions will be assessed on an individual basis. Our qualifications are globally recognised. No matter where you study, you can continue to pursue further education.

Can I study and take the exams directly from Organisation of Business Professionals (OBP)?

Currently all our candidates are required to enrol in one of our affiliated centres across the globe and take examinations there. Our Examination board will soon consider individual learners application in the future.

How will an Organisation of Business Professionals Postgraduate Diploma benefit me?

Our programmes are flexible, affordable and globally recognised. Our qualifications help to develop individual’s talent and calibre for their future career progression and enhance the practical skills required to succeed in today’s competitive environment. For more benefits please click here.

What is the Affiliation Procedure?

Our affiliation procedure is quiet simple and fast. Please contact us on info@obpuk.org for more information or details. Our dedicated customer service team will help guide you in completing the affiliation process.

Can I verify my OBPUK certificate online?

Yes, for any verifications/queries, please contact us on info@obpuk.org and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Please contact us if you require any further information or details.